Australia trailers Multifruit v 0.9 Beta


WARNING: This trailer is not for small maps! You need a strong tractor or a large tractor with Dolly!
Moin, here’s the trailer from the Australia map as a playable beta Version.Es’s own particle system, AO textures, tire dust and a capacity of 62500 Liter.Das special about a fictitious trailer has wurde.Er built by [FSM] Atabogo this trailer, he has another rear caliper plate on the back to attach a trailer kann.So can theoretically infinite number of followers hängen.Früchte turn: – wheat barley rape maize spelled oat rye sorghum silage swaths – chopped-Kraft/Mischfutter- crap


Model, Texturen = [FSM]Atabogo
Ingame = [FSM]Chefkoch / [FSM]Atabogo
Hilfe beim Bau / Supportcoli = Pille?!
Scripts = Sven777b, Manuel Leithner
Räder = Agrotron 155

Download: Australia trailers Multifruit v 0.9 Beta []
Download: Australia trailers Multifruit v 0.9 Beta []

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