Ecclesden Farm in Winter

Just a bit of fun with the textures, i have used my ecclesden farm map, added the textures from ski region, a bit of trial and error with the colours. It has the original planted fields, and the rest are ready to cultivate or sow. HAVE ADDED SOME REMOVABLE SNOW, around the roads and farm area, have added a sweeper to remove it,and a plough big and small, a unimog and a trailer. All the mods from this site, credits below. The removable snow is made up with grass windrow, so you can also feed your cows with the grass/snow. The plough works well going forward, just be careful reversing !!

Starter Map – Ace UK
PDA – Nubsi
Milk Mod – Wizznall
Trailer- MorphX
Unimog – Mini-Martje- I think !!
Sweeper – dpiotrex
Snowplough – Maciey

Download: Ecclesden Farm in Winter []
Download: Ecclesden Farm in Winter []

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