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Otter Farm

Otter Farm is a small map featuring small to medium sized fields. It is designed and built totally from scratch.
Otter Valey has two farmyards; one is the “cattle” yard with silage clamp, cows, dung and slurry, and the other is the “home” yard with plenty of sheds to store machinery, as well as spray fill point, seed pallets and diesel tank.
There is also a machinery dealer just up the road, with a grain co-op opposite.

Q: Where is the Seed fill point?
A: Inside the lean-to shed in the Home yard.

Q: Where is the sprayer fill point?
A: Next to the large open-front barn in the Home yard.

Q: Where is the diesel fill point?
A: On the left as you enter the Home yard.

Q: Where is the silage pit?
A: In the shed at the Cattle yard.

Q: Where do I fill with slurry?
A: At the pipe in front of the cattle shed in the Cattle yard.

Q: Where is the Dung?
A: Next to the silage shed.

Q: Where do I sell grain?
A: Opposite the Machinery dealer.

Q: Where is the Bale Trigger?
A: Inside the cattle shed (Put the bale in the pens).

Q: What crops does it have?
A: Just the default ones.


Cons / Drawbacks:
- There is no silos at the farms (they take up too much space). So, sell directly to the co-op.
- The cattle work fine, but the milker does not. There is also no milk truck.

Textures / Base: Giants
Buildings: Modteam sheds
Roads, map layout: Russ
Fuel tanks: “Deutz Fahr UK”

Download: Otter Farm []
Download: Otter Farm []

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