IG Planeta 5K v 2.0 Forst

Мод “ИЖ Планета 5K v2.0 Forst” для Farming / Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013 – Мотоцикл «ИЖ Планета-5» с коляской и прицепом. Бензопила. Грузоподъемность прицепа: 410 кг. Перевозит пшеницу, ячмень, кукурузу, рапс, картофель, сахарную свеклу, траву, силос, кормовую кукурузу. Cветотехника, анимация приборной панели, моющийся. Требуется патч 2.0 и выше.


Silak_68, werik, TSL

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Scania heavy duty and heavy duty v 1.0

Today we want Templars let you come back a little ..

A Scania heavy duty tower and a Scania heavy duty construction with tarpaulins.

There are always 2.Scania a download always the two belong together the available colors.

Of 4.Packs are in the range, thus each of them wants to invite him to take his matching color.

Installed are the following scripts wheel / handbrake / ES Limiter / Lighting 3.1.

The Scania has to look like the pictures 4.Achsen and these are 2.Lenkbar.

What is satisfied ..

First you have the mod the modder like.

Who does not like him need him not to be charged.

Who has not invited Him should not use the comment function also.

Also something was changed so the settings he no longer stands out front.

The Scania with the tarp is intended to draw from Dolly.

One more thing, there should be users who think I’m going there first attach a trailer which has 500,000 tons of weight so does not benefit from the truck of the site, and then lets out in the comments. These comments will be deleted.

The basic model comes from ETS.

The textures of the interior are almost all taken from ETS.



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Annovi Aldo RLV EFS 200 v 3.0 [MP]

Hello guys, i’m here to introduce you our last mod, a reversible plows with adjustable working width HYDRAULICALLY.

This is a very very big plow and you need a tractor with 300 HP or more.

IRL, here in Italy, this plow is pulled by a JD 9520T, as you can see in the video section

I’ll hope you enjoy this mod.

Here some other info:

-Minimum Power: 300-350 HP
-Width: 155-240 cm
-weight: 3500 kg
-Depth: 30-45 cm


X: transport – working position

Mouse Button: adjustable working width


Mode & ingame: Matteo135
Textures : Matteo135, Guynrush
Script: PES 4ever,Börndi,GIANTS Software GmbH,Matteo135,Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)

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T 16M v 1.0

Tractor with interchangeable bodies. Speed ​​of 30 km / h. Lighting fixtures. Handbrake plugmod, rear hitch, realistic exhaust, dust from the wheels, washable. The first body type: wheel loader (attachments is not supplied). Second crane (attachments is not supplied). Third, seeds, fertilizers. Fourth: fuel. Fifth: milk and water (2000 liters). Sixth: mower. Seventh: transports: wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beet, silage, straw, grass, sunflower, forage ration, manure, fertilizer, wood chips (2000 L).

Requires patch 2.0 and higher



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