Ponsse forest machine

his is just beta,so there might be some bugs or errors,so place report them to me!
I Need better texture images too.

Some info:
grapple is swinging around
specialization name=”motorized”
specialization name=”steerable”
specialization name=”hirable”
specialization name=”aiTractor”
specialization name=”frontloader”
specialization name=”MidSteering”
specialization name=”wLights”
specialization name=”rpmLimiter”
specialization name=”motorIgnition”
specialization name=”ExtraM”
specialization name=”dynamicExhaustingSystem”
specialization name=”FWCrane”

If you add this to another sites,place remember to add credits!!
This is pack and there somes: Ponsse and grapple.

Model: Motokuski (valmet) Nitrobullx (Ponsse)
Chains: Giants

Download: Ponsse forest machine [Uploaded.to]
Download: Ponsse forest machine [Uploading.com]

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